Waffle the Wonder Dog 3403 Interactive Soft Plush Toy

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Airing on CBeebies, Waffle the Wonder Dog focuses around an adorable and lost fluffy puppy, who can't help but cause trouble, has an undying desire to befriend next door’s cat and is on a crash course to cementing the brooklyn-bell blended family! Watch everybody’ best friend Waffle the Wonder Dog Soft Toy come to life with his real moving mouth as he speaks, barks and sings! There are 3 fun ways to activate him; Pat his head, squeeze his paw and press his tummy. Everybody’s best friend waffle even plays part of the catching theme tune! There are 14 phrases and sounds to discover and everybody best friend waffle comes complete in an open display box, making him the perfect gift. Waffle fans will love their very own Waffle the Wonder Dog. Everybody’s best friend waffle is voiced by waffle from the show and wears his iconic red collar with paw print detail. Made in beautiful, soft textured fabric – looks and feels just like waffle’s fur!