Paw Patrol Marshall?s Ride N Rescue Transforming 2 In 1 Fire Truck

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Race to adventure in Marshall’s Ride N Rescue. This Paw Patrol fire truck opens up, transforming into an action-packed playset. Your child can unbox their Ride N Rescue and unfold to discover a scene straight out of Paw Patrol. The barn is on fire; Chickaletta is stuck and teddy is caught behind a fire, with three rescue missions to complete, it’s Marshall to the rescue. Place the collectible Marshal figure (included) in the mission control centre and load the water cannon projectiles (included) into the launcher. Aim and launch the water cannons straight into the flames to put out the fire. Next, place Marshall on the ladder and use it to rescue Chickaletta. Finally, help Marshall use the smaller water cannon to put out the fire and save Teddy. Close up the playset, put Marshall in the driver’s seat and use the working wheels to race to the next adventure. Open up an action-packed world of play with Marshalls Ride N Rescue 2-in-1 playset.

  • TRANSFORM THE VEHICLE INTO A PLAYSET: Open up the action-packed world of PAW Patrol with the Ride 'n' Rescue playset! Kids can unfold their pup's truck and discover a scene straight out of Adventure Bay!
  • GO ON EXCITING RESCUES: Kids can unfold this 2-in-1 playset and join their favourite pup on an exciting rescue! With Marshall, put out the fire on the barn; rescue Chickaletta and save Teddy (figure included)! With Chase, Save Cali the cat, rescue the gopher family and find the bunny (figures included)!
  • USE THE LAUNCHER: This 2-in-1 playset even comes with a launcher! Load, aim and fire to save the day!
  • The Ride 'n' Rescue Playset is a great gift for kids aged 3 and Up. Unfold a world of adventure!