Minnie Mouse's Magic Turnstyler

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Everyone knows Minnie is the most stylish mouse in town! Now you can transform Minnie into a catwalk model with this Magic Turnstiles! Press the bow on the Turnstiles to reveal different outfits for Minnie to dress up in! Set features lights and sounds effects... It’s magic! What outfit shall we dress Minnie up in today? Watch Minnie style her outfit as she walks up and down the catwalk. This fabulous Turnstiles includes lots of dressing up accessories and your own Minnie Fashion Fun doll!

  • Dress and style everyone's favourite style icon! Many possible combinations
  • Push and turn the bow to find the perfect outfit
  • Move Minnie on the stage with style!
  • Choose from 3 x different outfits to style Minnie. Mix and match for more fantastic outfits.
  • Set includes: 1 x Magic Turn Tyler with catwalk, 1 x Fashion Fun Doll and lots of dressing up accessories