Little Live Pets Series 1 Dragon Single Pack Figure Blue/Green Egg

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Watch in amazement as your surprise dragon hatches out right before your very eyes. Listen to the cute dragon and tapping noise, then watch it hatch out of the dragon egg and start to hop about. Watch your dragon's wings flap, as it tries to fly. Your super cute surprise dragon can be hatched again and again for endless fun. The more you pet your dragon, the more it will make dragon noises. With 4 to collect. Splash the Ocean Dragon, Shiver the Ice Dragon, Sparx the Star Dragon and Daisy the Flower Dragon, which dragon will hatch for you. Or will you find Limited Edition Ruby Dragon. The surprise is that you'll find out when they hatch out

  • Listen to the the cute Dragon noises as it hatches out!
  • Watch you Dragon flap its wings and hop about.
  • The more you pet your Dragon, the more it will respond.
  • Watch you Dragon hatch again and again!
  • 4 to collect - which Dragon will it be... or will you find the Limited Edition Ruby Dragon inside?
  • Ages 5 Years+