Jumbo 19414 Disney Guess The Film Game

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Introducing Disney guess the film! are your family Disney movie experts? well it’s time to put your Disney knowledge to the test with this fun and exciting guess the film game! take turns rolling the dice and open the window with the corresponding colour to the die. Each coloured window reveals part of an image from an iconic Disney film, and it’s down to you to guess which film the image is from. If you guess correctly, you win a Mickey token! the first player to earn four Mickey tokens wins the game! to start playing, shuffle all the sheets you’re going to play with and put them in the holder at the back of the screen with the coloured strip facing upwards. The sheets are divided into three levels of difficulty; green: easy level, blue: medium level and red: advanced level. You can play with all the sheets together or only use the sheets for a particular level. Everyone should sit so that they can easily see the screen, and the youngest player rolls the coloured dice and opens a window of the same colour as shown on the dice. If you think you know which film the image is from, say the title out loud. If you’re not sure, then close the window and the turn moves to the next player. To check if you guessed correctly, rotate the screen towards you. Make sure that the other players can’t see, so you can slide the sheet up and read the title on the coloured strip. If you guessed the film correctly, you earn a Mickey token. All the windows are closed and the sheet is placed behind the other sheets so the next round can start. If the player fails to guess the film correctly, they are excluded from the rest of the round and the next player has a turn. If a player throws a Star, they may choose which window to open. The first player to earn 4 Mickey tokens wins the game. The game includes guess the film stand with decorative frame, 50 sheets with 100 Disney film images, dice and 20 Mickey tokens. The fantastic Disney guess the film game is suitable 2+ players, aged 4+.