Go Jetters Vroomster Set with Lights, Sound and Theme Tune

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The new animated series, Go Jetters takes pre-schoolers on action-packed, geographical adventures.

Four plucky international heroes travel the globe with their friend and mentor Ubercorn, a disco-dancing unicorn. Together they save the world’s most famous landmarks from the mischievous meddling's of Grandmaster Glitch.

Now your child can relive Go Jetters adventures with the Vroomster. This signature vehicle from the Go Jetters cartoon series is the perfect way for children to zoom the Go Jetters off to their next exciting destination. Best of all, the Vroomster includes a figure of intrepid pilot, Xuli with poseable arms.

The Vroomster can fit all four Go Jetters figures (sold separately and subject to availability) inside. Pull out the side boosters for figures to peg onto and ride outside.

Close the dome and press the button to see a special light-up display illuminate the windshield and hear sounds straight from the show