Clementoni Jurassic World 1000 Piece Impossible Puzzle

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1000-piece Puzzle, with dimensions 69 x 50 cm.Suggestive images, quality printing, precise cut-outs, sturdy and precious materials.The Clementoni Impossible line is all this and more: a puzzle line, designed for those with a passion for detail.Forever attentive to ecological issues, Clementoni uses a high rate of recycled materials, thus avoiding the use of polluting components.

  • The 1000�pieces puzzle has a put measuring up to 69�x 50�cm.
  • A wonderful design, quality printing, perfect fit, high-quality sturdy material that the Clementoni High Quality Collection made from you.
  • The helps to relieve everyday stress and your creativity.
  • Clementoni many other recycled materials and eliminates the use of environmentally harmful components used for the retention of the environment.
  • Made in Italy.