VERY excited about this toy coming out later this year, This is no ordinary talking bear the WikiBear!

Here at Kiddimax we are so so looking forward to this new Talking Bear the WikiBear.

This Bear combines Siri and a teddy bear to give you the best uniuqe talking bear!
Introducing WikiBear, a stuffed toy that connects to the internet to answer children's questions, tells jokes and even give you sports updates.
He has a personality, too. He'll remember names and share his interests also his favourite colour, and develop a amazing relationship with the child.
The more you play with WikiBear, the more it gets to know your personality too, Truly Amazing!!
RRP is expected to be £59.99, which we think is also a great price.


Take a look at this short video of the Wiki Bear at the 2014 US Toy Fair, In the Video it still had a robotic voice, though the voice would be updated before the bear hits stores.